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What is THORYield?

THORYield v2 is your Home to track everything on THORChain, the dashboard includes the most important MCCN Analytics;

  • Volume (24 hours)

  • Active bond

  • MCCN Liquidity

  • Top Tokens

  • Top Pools

  • Liquidity APY

  • Synth Dashboard

Top Tokens & Top Pools will be the leaderboard of Top tokens on MCCN ChaosNet based on Volume (24 hours) and Liquidity Added.

THORYield V2 also offer open-high-low-close charts (OHLC) using TradingView, This new tool will provide a PRO User Experience to Traders on THORSwap with specific charts and various Timeframes available, an example:

Users can now track various stats of a specific pair on THORSwap with the addition of (OHLC) Charts.

Total Liquidity, Volume (24 hrs) and Fees (24 hrs) now have a daily percentage change.

The OHLC Chart have 3 different timeframes: Weekly, Monthly, All. You can also view the exact number of tokens in the LP!

Top Pools on THORSwap

Every liquidity pool on THORSwap is paired with RUNE, the native token of THORChain. in this new dashboard you can check the current Liquidity, Volume (24hrs), Volume (7d), fees Earned in the past 24 hours and current APY in a specific Liquidity Pool.

LP Accounts

You can now save your Addresses in the Accounts page, simply input your Addresses in the relevant field, add an Account Name and then Save.

If you provide a name for the Account, it will be automatically saved, with “Load Details” you can open the Liquidity Pools UI and track your yield on THORChain.

Once a THOR Address is saved in the Accounts page, you will get a summary of your LP positions with a “Liquidity Value” chart to track the current value of your liquidity over time with Weekly and Monthly timeframes, the overview page now also includes a chart to track Fees Earned over time!

LP Positions summary

You can easily Add, Remove liquidity accessing THORSwap through the THORYield V2 UI and also view a summary of your current LP Positions.

$THOR Staking Rewards Tracker

You can track your $THOR Staking rewards, the staking account is a separated account from the LP Account, simply load up your ETH Address to track your rewards, now with Rewards Value (USD) and $THOR Price in the same UI.

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