🤖Discord BOT


THORYield is a Discord BOT for the THORSwap Community; The BOT is designed to provide informations for Liquidity Providers on the THORChain Network.


  • User Friendly

  • Slash Commands such as /yield

  • Pools Specific slash commands /yield-eth

  • Track LP Performance with Charts

Get Started with THORYield

THORYield Discord BOT is available only in the THORSwap Community, to join the Community click here. In the #thoryield section type /thoryield to get started.

The BOT will then send you a DM asking for your address:

Now you can communicate with the BOT directly in your DMs.

Additional Commands

The /help Command provides a list of many additional command which can be used in THORYield Discord BOT.

THORYield BOT UI in Depth

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